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Air Safe Inc

Air Safe Inc
Your safety and air quality are very important. When you have concerns about mold or asbestos contamination, get in touch with Air Safe Inc. We’re the ones to call because we get it all – and keep it from coming back.

You have found a mold remediation and asbestos company that has the solutions you are looking for. We are family-owned, state certified, licensed, bonded and insured. Air Safe has been in business since 1987 helping families, schools and facilities improve air quality and safety.

Mold Remediation

We offer expert testing and mold removal, no matter where it hides: in insulation, behind walls or in ducts. The spores travel by air, creating unhealthy – even dangerous – conditions for your loved ones. You may wonder if your home will have to be torn up. You may wonder how your insurance claims will be handled. Call us for a free consultation and estimate.

We offer remediation for all types of contamination including:

From Flooding to Vapors
Call us after a house flood. It only takes 24-36 hours for fungus to begin forming on damp surfaces like drywall and carpeting. But that’s only the worst case scenario. The source of your fungal contamination may be less drastic: heating and air conditioning systems can form condensation that holds moisture in a confined area. Your roof may be leaking. Without sunlight, both are an ideal environment for fungus.

Attic mold and basement mold are the two most common types we encounter. You may see black mildew formation on surfaces yourself, or you might just smell mustiness. We know where to look and we know how to treat it so it won’t come back.

Mold Remediation
Sometimes the area needs to be scraped or sanded; occasionally building materials will have to be taken out of the home as part of mold removal process. We can also clean your air system so those with allergies won’t suffer.

Asbestos Abatement

This fire-proof mineral is present in more than 30 million homes, schools and businesses – and in 3,000 different materials from insulation to roofing materials to wallpaper. We do:

When asbestos is bound up in another material or left undisturbed, it poses no danger; in fact, the EPA recommends it be left in place. But if your old acoustic ceiling tile is starting to fray, or if you want to remodel, or when you need to repair your boiler, you risk exposure. Our experienced asbestos company offers solutions.

Asbestos Dangers
You may think all those lawsuit commercials are just hype, but the fact is that about 10,000 people die every year due to asbestos-related disease. The material lodges in the lungs and can’t be expelled. Over time – sometimes 40 years later – it can cause cancer and a host of lung diseases.

The most deadly, mesothelioma, does not even require long-term exposure. We can do expert sampling, treatment and monitoring. We are state certified in all phases of asbestos abatement and disposal.

Realtor Services
When you’re getting close to making a deal and a buyer raises concerns, contact us. Neither fungus nor asbestos needs to be disclosed in a home inspection. As for asbestos, it is difficult to know whether it is present. The EPA says it is safe to assume so if a home is over 20 years old. Common areas are shingles and siding, textured paint and wall patching made before 1977, pipe insulation in older houses and vinyl tiles.

Trust our commercial services for answers. We are always ready to give a fast, reasonable estimate for sampling, asbestos and mold detection, as well as the solutions you need to close a sale.

Insurance Claims
Whether you are a homeowner or an insurance agent, we have the training and certification required to assist in a smooth claims process. We can identify hazards, remediate, repair and abate contamination quickly before restoration work.
Mold Removal
Businesses and Institutions

The people who use your facility deserve a clean indoor environment. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a hot-button issue that raises serious health and liability concerns. Ridding your facility of mold, and ensuring that asbestos removal is complete, are at the heart of our professional commercial services.

We understand how distressing it is to smell fungus and wonder where it’s coming from; count on us for expert mold detection. We also know how frightening it is to learn a dangerous mineral is present in so many parts of your home. We can help!

Let us find your hidden hazard, treat or remove it as needed, and make sure the problem is solved.